Writing & Yoga Retreats in Poland

September update! Thank you for all the workshops that happened this season! It was awesome fun and learning experience for us! See you in 2018!

Hello, we are Shannon and Kuba and we have a surprise for you! How about three full days of writing and yoga? This is season 2017!

After the beautiful experience of Massage & Yoga Retreats in 2016, we thought of organizing our new chapter around writing.

Our retreats this year:

The price is 220 euro! It includes accommodation, workshops, food, and a lake trip! All happening here: Przyborowo, Poland.

Contact us if you for booking your spot or keep on reading…

Here is our heavenly planet:

The schedule may look like this:

7:00 – good morning ginger tea
7:30 – yoga
9:15 – breakfast and relax
11:00 – let’s talk about philosophy over a bowl of seasonal fruit
11:30 – writing
13:30 – lunch and relax
15:30 – writing
16:30 – yoga
18:15 – dinner
19:30 – evening program
21:30 – good night

This time the retreats will focus on yoga, meditation, and writing. This doesn’t mean you have to be a writer or have any experience in writing, it just means we will be experimenting with clearing the channel so that our thoughts, forms, and ideas can be expressed more fluidly. 

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We will be using lucid dreaming meditation practices and write our dreams down as a way to access the subconscious mind. We will also get familiar with introspective writing and other methods that will help to bring out our creative waves and maybe, who knows, we will end up writing a story!

The following items will be helpful, so take:

  • blanket (for savasana)
  • a yoga mat
  • towel or two
  • notebook (paper + pen)
  • and swimming clothes

We look forward to sharing with you this new journey of movement, writing, forest-walks, dreams, fresh spring lake swims, and delicious food!

If you are interested, get in touch with us and we will reserve you a spot.